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Leaf Teas of Distinction

Discover our luxury collection of carefully-selected, finest reserve leaf teas.

The epitome of tea craftsmanship, taste and elegance, our Leaf Teas of Distinction come in beautiful Dragonfly tins and are foil-wrapped for freshness.

Every tin makes around 20-25 teapots, and because the leaves are of such a high quality, you can brew our green and white teas twice - in fact, it is often said that the second infusion reveals the most refined aromas and flavours. Just be sure to follow the brewing instructions, as teas as delicate as these should not be infused too long or at too high a temperature.

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Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green China Tea
Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea Loose Leaf Green Tea

Finest, hand-formed green tea 'pearls' from Fujian Province scented with fresh jasmine flower...

Special Offer
Lapsang Souchong Luxury Loose Leaf Tea
Lapsang Souchong Black Tea Loose Leaf Black Tea

Renowned the world over for its distinctive character, this smoky black tea is said to have b...

Luxury Assam Black Tea Loose Leaf Black Tea

We source this classic black tea from one of the finest tea farms in the fertile Assam region...

Luxury Bai Mudan White Tea Loose Leaf White Tea

Also known as 'White Peony', this authentic and rare white tea of exceptional quality comes f...

Luxury Darjeeling Black Tea Loose Leaf Black Tea

Authentic Darjeeling black teas, known as the champagne of teas, have a great aromatic qualit...

Luxury Mao Feng Green Tea Loose Leaf Green Tea

This is one of China’s most famous leaf teas. It is grown in the mountains around Hangzhou, a...


What is Tea?

A drink treasured by emperors, holy men, and the unsung heroes of everyday life. But what is it really?

Tea History

The story of tea is older than our memories, and its adventures have shaped the course of history.

Varieties & Styles

From white tea to black tea, a short introduction to the many different types of tea.

The Perfect Cup

We are often asked about the perfect cup. Here are a few pointers for something really special.