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Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

Scented with fresh jasmine flowers and delicately hand-rolled into ‘pearls’, this exquisite green tea is made using old artisan techniques. Like all quality green teas, the leaves are harvested in the springtime. In summer, when they are at their most fragrant, jasmine buds are hand-picked and gently laid onto the tea. At dusk, the buds slowly unfurl, releasing their fragrance overnight. This ritual is repeated until the tea is perfectly infused with the jasmine’s heady scent.

15 large leaf tea pyramids (30g).

Tea pyramids made from biodegradable material. Store in a cool dry place away from odours.

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Jasmine Pearls Green Tea pyramid tea bags
Perfect Taste

Soft and delicate, scented with summer’s finest jasmine blossoms

Pure Perfection

Allow fresh, boiled water to cool a little. Infuse tea for 2-3 minutes. To enjoy added nuances, reinfuse up to 3 times.

Perfect Ingredients

Green tea scented jasmine flowers

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