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Jasmine Tea

Many different types of flowers can be used to scent tea but heady jasmine is the most famous and most prized of all. Delicate and soft with a full floral aroma, our authentic jasmine tea is free from any chemical flavourings and is made by naturally scenting the green tea with freshly picked jasmine blossoms.
Jasmine Tea

What is jasmine tea?

  • Jasmine tea is actually green tea, scented with fresh jasmine flowers.
  • Perhaps surprisingly, it is not a herbal infusion made from the jasmine plant.
  • In fact, jasmine tea is made from leaves from the tea bush, Camellia sinensis.

Authentic and artisanal

  • Green tea leaves are heated soon after harvesting to stop them oxidising – a natural reaction that causes browning once picked. They are then infused with the delicate natural scent of night-flowering jasmine blossom.
  • Jasmine tea can come in many shapes, from the traditional hand-rolled ‘pearls’ to the convenient ‘teabag cut’.
  • While some jasmine teas use artificial flavouring, Dragonfly jasmine teas are only ever scented with fresh jasmine flowers using centuries-old artisanal methods.  
  • You won’t find any blossoms in Dragonfly jasmine teas. As is traditional in the most highly-prized jasmine teas, the jasmine flowers are painstakingly removed once the tea leaves have absorbed the blossoms’ floral perfume.


As with its base tea, green tea, the final taste of jasmine tea is influenced by a number of factors. Here’s how to get the best out of your cup of Dragonfly Jasmine Tea.


  • Fresh, filtered water makes better-tasting tea – avoid re-boiling if possible.


  • Boiling water scalds green tea leaves and can cause bitterness.
  • Aim to use water at 80-85ºC; you can leave your kettle to cool for a few minutes before pouring.

How much tea?

  • Dragonfly teabags and large leaf tea pyramids contain just the right amount of tea leaves for a mug of tea (about 250ml capacity).
  • For Dragonfly Jasmine Dragon Pearls, use 2-3g per person (1-2 teaspoons).
  • At Dragonfly, we know that how you like your tea is intensely personal. We recommend you experiment to find the tea-to-water ratio that’s perfect for you!


  • Combine the water and teabag or tea pearls.
  • Steep for 2-4 minutes to allow for the release of subtle flavours and beneficial compounds.
  • For Jasmine Dragon Pearls, it’s ideal to use a strainer or sieve so you can remove the leaves at the end of the brewing time.


Delicately floral and smooth

  • Authentically scented jasmine tea is exquisitely balanced – sweet but not overpowering.
  • Dragonfly jasmine teas are smooth and delicate, with a rounded, fresh floral aroma.


Properties and benefits of jasmine tea

  • Soothing and transportive, enjoying a mindful moment with your cup of jasmine tea is an excellent way to press pause on your day.
  • Jasmine tea shares the properties and benefits of its base tea, green tea. Green tea has long been known for its health-promoting properties.
  • Packed with antioxidant compounds and amino acids, studies associate green tea drinking with numerous health benefits. You can read more about the extraordinary benefits of green tea here.

Tea Growing

Jasmine’s base tea – green tea

  • Green tea is made from leaves of Camellia sinensis, the same plant species from which black teas are made.
  • The Chinese province of Fujian is home to some of the best green teas. This is where the leaves for Dragonfly Jasmine Dragon Pearls are grown and harvested.
  • In Spring, tea makers pick fresh tea leaves from Camellia sinensis then dry them using heat to prevent oxidation (the natural darkening that happens after picking).
  • Traditionally, green tea destined for jasmine scenting is skilfully rolled into pearl shapes by hand, as in Dragonfly Jasmine Pearls.

Infusing the jasmine fragrance

  • When Summer comes, tea makers pluck night-flowering jasmine buds and layer them through the green tea leaves.
  • As dusk falls, the petals slowly unfurl, releasing their special fragrance which infuses into the leaves beneath.
  • This process is repeated for several nights, until the leaves are perfectly scented with the natural aroma of the jasmine flowers.
  • The spent jasmine flowers are then removed to ensure a beautifully rounded and balanced tea.
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