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A Family Affair

We’re a British, family concern, sharing our love of the world of tea for over 100 years.

Family sharing the love of tea
For the Love of Tea

At Dragonfly, we are a British family company with a passion for sharing authentic, delicious and often rare teas with tea lovers and tea explorers alike. Rooted in generations of tea craftsmanship, our quest for quality and love of tea culture takes us all over of the world – from the remote peaks of China’s Fujian Province to the celebrated tea estates of Darjeeling and East Africa. We were among the first to bring a string of now much-loved green, white, rooibos and spiced speciality teas to the UK market many years ago, and continue to champion the joys and benefits of the great tea traditions.

Bruce Ginsberg Dragonfly Tea
Georgia Ginsberg Dragonfly Tea
Tea field Dragonfly tea

A Family Affair

Dragonfly was founded by Bruce Ginsberg, a fourth-generation tea maker. He’s an expert on all things to do with the little green leaf that we love so much. Bruce farmed tea in South Africa for many years, as well as spending time in Japan studying the tea ceremony and East Asian culture. His grandfather, Benjamin Ginsberg, tamed the wild rooibos bush and the curing technique over 100 years ago.

Now Bruce’s daughter, Georgia, is at the helm, the fifth generation to share the family passion. Still proudly independent, the Dragonfly story continues.

A family affair Dragonfly Tea

Madame Wanda

Wanda Scott, known simply and somewhat reverently as Madame Wanda, is something of a legend in tea circles. We’re proud to count her as a part of the Dragonfly family.

Madame Wanda has been journeying through the remotest parts of China and south-east Asia tasting tea since 1978. Her travels have allowed her to build close personal relationships with the best growers and suppliers, making her one of the world’s most experienced green tea experts. She has made it her mission to seek out the most exquisite teas and we’re delighted to share her passion with you.

Eastern Beauty Dragonfly Tea Pyramids with Glass Mug on a Wooden Board.
Tea leaves Dragonfly Tea
Madame Wanda is a huge part of the Dragonfly family
Tea leaves Dragonfly Tea
Flower Illustration Dragonfly Tea

Why Dragonfly?

On a summer's day many years ago, we were sitting around the table in our lovely old barn in the Hampshire countryside wondering what to call our new tea adventure. Just then, a beautiful dragonfly darted in through the window, diaphanous and determined, and Dragonfly Tea was born.

The dragonfly is our muse. It inspires, dazzles and delights us. An ancient symbol of purity, vitality and harmony, dragonflies love sunshine, warmth and clear, pure water. We believe the same elements are required for creating a truly fine cup of tea, and we celebrate them with every pack!

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