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Eastern Beauty Oolong Tea

Eastern Beauty, or ‘Oriental Beauty’, is one of the most exclusive Formosa Oolong teas. Made from semi-oxidised leaves, Oolongs have a complexity, richness and golden amber colour that places them between green and black teas.

The name of this special Oolong is said to have originated in 19th century England. Apparently, Queen Victoria was so enchanted by the tea’s sweet, mellow and elegant flavours that she gave her royal seal of approval by naming it ‘Oriental Beauty’.

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15 large leaf tea pyramids (30g).

Tea pyramids made from biodegradable material. Store in a cool dry place away from odours.

If you're a fan of our Eastern Beauty Oolong, you will love our inspired Oolong Island Iced Tea Cocktail, balancing golden Oolong tea with spiced rum - a truly delicious treat!

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Eastern Beauty Oolong Tea pyramid tea bags
Perfect Taste

Elegantly mellow, with golden undertones of sun-drenched fruit

Pure Perfection

Allow fresh, boiled water to cool a little. Infuse tea for 2-4 minutes. For added nuances, reinfuse up to 3 times. Best enjoyed without milk.

Perfect Ingredients

Oolong tea

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