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Dragonfly's Top 5 Tea Cocktails

24 Jul, 2020

Cocktail time anyone? We've collected our favourite top 5 tea cocktails, and added our own Dragonfly touch.

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If you're after the perfect drink for a summer's evening, an adventurous brunch or a moreish post-work treat look no further. Plus, if you're looking for a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail, scroll down for our very own Clean Gin and Mint mocktail.

Tea makes a brilliant base or mixer in lots of different styles of cocktails. However, the botanicals in gin go particularly well with many different types of tea, giving endless possibilities for experimentation. If you're not a gin lover, then try out your spirit of choice and let us know how you go. This is one where you can really get creative!

Some tea cocktail tips:

  • If you're using green or white tea, wait for a couple of minutes before pouring just-boiled water - otherwise the leaves will be scalded and the tea will taste bitter.
  • Remember to let the tea cool before mixing. Once cool you can also put it in the fridge to make a truly ice cold cocktail.
  • And do take out the teabags first otherwise the brew will be too strong.


Our favourite tea cocktails

1. Iced Citrus and Green Tea Cocktail

With subtle green tea, citrus and mint, this refreshing cocktail is perfect for a hot summer’s evening in the garden.



    Allow the boiled water to cool for a couple of minutes (this stops the tea going bitter).

    In a heat proof jug or mug, add the two Dragonfly teabags and pour in the water. Let the tea bags brew for 10 minutes. Dispose of the teabags and let the tea cool.

    Fill two glasses completely with ice cubes. Divide the fresh mint, gin, fresh lemon juice and fresh lime juice between the two glasses.

    Pour in enough green tea to fill the glasses to the top and enjoy.

    Credit: Iced Citrus and Green Tea Gin

    2. English Breakfast Martini

    Make like James Bond with a classic English Breakfast Martini. Maybe this is one for brunch, rather than breakfast!

    To make the tea infused gin

       For each cocktail

      • 60ml tea-infused gin
      • 2 ½ teaspoons fresh lemon juice
      • 1 tablespoon orange marmalade
      • Ice


        Combine the gin and pyramid teabags in a jar. Cover and let steep 3-4 hours.

        Strain through muslin or a tea strainer to make sure no particles of tea leaves are present.

        For each cocktail, add lemon juice and orange marmalade to a shaker. Fill halfway with ice and shake vigorously.

        Add 60ml of tea-infused gin and stir well. Strain into a cocktail glass.

        Credit: Tea + Marmalade Brunch Martini

        3. Hollingsworth Iced Tea Cocktail

        A moreish cocktail from the Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings restaurant. Simple and totally delicious.



          Brew the two teabags with 50ml water per person and allow to cool.

          Pour the Earl Grey tea and the rest of the ingredients into a Highball glass over ice.

          Stir to mix well, then serve.

          Credit: Hollingsworth Iced Tea Cocktail

          4. Green Lantern Cocktail



            Allow boiling water to cool slightly and pour over the teabags.

            Let the tea brew until a good colour and remove tea bags. Leave it to cool before putting it in the fridge.

            Add lime juice and honey to the cooled tea. If the honey is too thick to combine then make a honey syrup first. Simply spoon the honey into a separate bowl with a little hot water and stir until it's the right consistency.

            Combine all the ingredients in a shaker and add ice. Shake for about 10 seconds.

            Strain into a short glass, fill it with ice and add a slice of lemon to garnish.

            Credit: Green Lantern Cocktail

            5. Clean Gin and Mint Mocktails

            This refreshing gin, cucumber and mint cocktail is the perfect way to enjoy a balmy evening.

            We made this with CleanGin, an alcohol free spirit from Clean Liquor, mixed with our Dragonfly Moroccan Mint green tea, a touch of maple syrup for sweetness, lots of cucumber and mint, tonic water and ice. It's fresh and clean, and delicious in its own right, whether you are looking for a mocktail or not. Our drink of choice! Read the full Clean Gin and Mint Mocktail recipe.

            Clean Gin and Mint Mocktails

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