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Tea of the week: Garden Mint & Verbena

November 09 2016

In celebration of Dragonfly's 15th birthday, we have created our beautiful new Tea House Collection of ten artisan teas. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be telling you the stories behind each of these delicious teas, from old favourites to new discoveries. We hope you enjoy finding out a little more about us and our new collection!

Garden mint tea from Dragonfly

We’ve combined refreshing peppermint with verbena, both herbs with long traditions in Europe and beyond. Fiery peppermint is now a country garden classic, and yet it is actually a relative newcomer to the ancient family of mint plants. First noticed growing in a field of spearmint in Hertfordshire, England about 300 years ago, it is a hybrid variety of spearmint and water mint.

Fiery peppermint tea

Verbena is an ancient herb revered around the world and known for its reputed soothing effects, whether as an aid for digestion or for calming headaches. It is also valued for its aroma and produces a very high quality essential oil with notes of citrus, fresh mint and pine wood. Also known as 'vervaine', the delicate dried leaves are hugely popular in Europe as a delicious 'tisane' (or infusion) enjoyed particularly after meals.

Verbena used in tea - Dragonfly Tea



Our Garden Mint & Verbena is a herbal tea, meaning it does not undergo oxidisation or any other complex tea making steps of traditional teas made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis tea bush such as white, green, oolong teas. Rather, the leaves are simply picked and laid out to dry, and then are ready to be enjoyed!


An aromatic, refreshing and sweetly herbal infusion of naturally cooling peppermint, rounded with a hint of softly citrus verbena.


Allow fresh, boiled water to cool a little. Infuse pyramid for 3-4 minutes or to taste.

Being caffeine free and containing no tannins, this infusion is ideal after a meal or at any time of the day for a refreshing cuppa.


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