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Pulp Tea – What’s That All About, Then?

23 Jun, 2023
So, you’ve caught wind of Pulp tea! Perhaps you’ve spotted a magenta box or two being shared over on Social. Maybe you’ve seen our Dragonfly x Pulp collaboration being raved about in the press – NME for example. (Not to brag, but whether you’re a milk-and-sugar type or not, you can save the teaspoon… it’s been causing quite the stir!) Or did you see Jarvis himself announcing Monday Morning Tea?
A pink box of Dragonfly Tea Pulp Monday Morning Tea on a breakfast table amongst a white mug of builder's tea, a glass of orange juice and a half eaten piece of jam-on-toast

Anyway, you’ve got questions. And that’s fair enough, it’s not everyday a band of British music legends decide to create their own take on the nation’s favourite hot drink.

Is Monday Morning Tea the first ‘merch’ tea?

In a word, no!

Cast your mind back a year or three (to the year-that-shall-not-be-named). Jarvis Cocker was working on his solo project and with genius typical of the Pulp frontman, he landed on the idea that a celebratory tea would be just the thing.

With a clear vision in mind for a tea to reflect and complement his new album, Jarvis needed someone up to the job of making it.

Which is where we came in!

‘Welcome to the Peppermint Jungle’ was an intriguing, limited edition herbal infusion inspired by the lyrics of Beyond the Pale. Needless to say, it went down a storm (no teacup!) with Jarvis fans.
Dragonfly Tea Jarv...Is Welcome to the Peppermint Jungle herbal infusion in a glass mug, teabag floating and lyric tea tag hanging over the side.

It was such a success that, when Pulp reformed for their This Is What We Do for An Encore tour, Pulp asked us to do it again. 

So, Monday Morning Tea? This is what we do for an encore! 


What kind of tea is Monday Morning Tea? 

Pulp wanted an everyday black tea, perfect for Monday morning and every morning. Something that could take a splash of milk and give that mellow buzz of a good cuppa. Monday Morning Tea is just that: a full-bodied, single-origin black tea. Enjoy it with or without milk (Jarvis likes his with a splash) and a good album playing! 

Where can I buy Pulp Tea? 

Desperate to try it? While stocks last you can buy it here 


What about the Pulp Tea box? 

The special edition Pulp lyric box contains 20 individually sealed string & tag tea bags. Each tea bag is adorned with a tea tag featuring Pulp lyrics selected by Jarvis Cocker. (NB, each box contains a random assortment of lyric tea tags). 


What’s the verdict? 

There’s plenty of buzz about Monday Morning Tea. (See, for example, NME, Hot Press, Far Out Magazine and Retro To Go). But maybe it’s best we leave it to the man himself to tell you all about it: 

“Monday mornings can be hard. This could help: Pulp Tea! 

In collaboration with @dragonflyteauk (who produced the JARV IS… Peppermint Jungle tea) we have come up with the perfect black tea to get you up & running on Monday, or any other day of the week, morning (or any other time of the day). It tastes so good you’ll probably want to drink it all day - & you can!” Jarvis Cocker 

Jarvis Cocker's photograph of a magenta box of Dragonfly Tea Pulp Monday Morning Tea sitting aside a white Pulp tea caddy on a table in front of a house plant.


Jarvis 'Welcome to the Peppermint Jungle'

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Reviewed and updated: June 2023

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