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20 Reasons to Love Dragonfly Tea

30 Apr, 2021
At Dragonfly, we are not really about blowing our own trumpet. But in celebration of our 20th Birthday, we thought we would reflect on twenty characteristics and achievements that make us who we are and that make us proud. So here are the 20 reasons to love Dragonfly! 


Georgia and Bruce Ginsberg talking about tea


1. Proudly independent

    We’re a family-owned, British company rooted in five generations of tea craftsmanship. Tea is much more than just a drink for us, it is who we are.

    2. Great Taste Producer

    We really care about the taste of our teas and have won many Great Taste Awards over the years. So much so that the Guild of Fine Foods has now classed us a Great Taste Producer.

    3. Plastic free teabags 

    We are committed to using sustainable packaging wherever possible, and we’re proud to say that all our teas now come in plastic-free or fully biodegradable teabags.

    3. A deep passion

    Our founder Bruce Ginsberg’s passion for tea runs deep and guided his many journeys – from studying the ancient tea ceremony in Japan to farming tea in South Africa.  

    5. Family of pioneers

    Bruce’s grandfather, Benjamin Ginsberg, pioneered rooibos tea over a hundred years ago and Bruce was the first to introduce rooibos to British tea drinkers in 1976.

    6. Next generation

    Bruce’s daughter, Georgia, is now the fifth generation to embrace the family passion. Her mission is to share her love of the world of tea with tea enthusiasts and tea explorers alike.

    7. Green tea champions

    20 years ago, quality green tea was hardly to be found in Britain. Bruce sought to change that by tirelessly championing the virtues of green tea up and down the country. 

    Camellia sinensis tea leave


    8. Madame Wanda

    Wanda Scott, one of the world’s most experienced China tea experts, is something of a legend. We’re proud to count her as a part of the Dragonfly family.

    9. Tea friends

    Our often decades old relationships with growers and master tea makers are based on trust and respect, and allow us to access tea from little-known, small, and often remote locations.

    10. Around the world

    From the peaks of China’s Fujian Province to the celebrated estates of Darjeeling and East Africa, we personally travel the globe to bring you the most delicious artisan brews.

    11. Tea discovery

    We are passionate about introducing tea lovers to new, quality tea experiences. We were the first to put white tea, chai tea and honeybush teas on the market many years ago and we will continue to put more ‘firsts’ on British shelves.

    12. Tea culture

    For us, it’s not just the tea in your cup that matters, but also the culture around it. With our #PressPause campaign we encourage moments of tea mindfulness for everyday life.

    Tea ritual

    13. The tea moment

    We want our teas to deliver an authentic and memorable taste experience. One that brings about an extraordinary mood of enjoyment, relaxation and attentiveness.

    14. Personal touch

    As a small family business, our attention to detail goes well beyond the sourcing. Every new blend is personally created, every piece of packaging design is carefully reviewed and all customer feedback is personally tended to.

    15. Everyday inspiration

    We love bringing your tea moments to life with our tea tag messages. Afterall, we believe that ‘tea gives wings to the mind, and flight to the imagination’.

    Dragonfly tea tag


    16. Our ethos

    A symbol of purity, vitality and harmony throughout the world, dragonflies love sunshine, lush gardens, warmth and fresh water. We believe the same elements are required for creating a truly fine cup of tea.

    17. Close to nature

    We never use GM crops, artificial flavourings, additives, preservatives or colourings. Our teabags are biodegradable and free of polypropylene plastic and never chlorine-bleached.

    18. Organic champions

    Since our founding 20 years ago, we have made a point of choosing organic whenever possible. Today, nearly all of our teas are organic, certified by The Organic Food Federation.

    19. Slow Tea

    The art of ‘slow tea’ encourages people to think of tea as a drink to cherish and savour. In our frantic times, we believe the traditional tea values of harmony, mindfulness and wellbeing are more relevant than ever.

    20. Something for everyone

    From our much-loved rooibos teas and popular wellbeing blends to our quality white teas and delicate jasmine pearls, Dragonfly has a true and delicious tea for everyone and every occasion.

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