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Mindfulness and Tea: How to have a mindful cuppa
02 May, 2017

At Dragonfly, we are believers in ‘Slow Tea’ - the idea of slowing down, taking time out and really enjoying what’s in your cup. This month we bring you a series of blogs on mindfulness and tea with expert Dr Barbara Mariposa MBBS, BSc, BA, MFPHMI(1) MICFEA. Dr B takes us through the basics of mindfulness, how it connects to ‘Slow Tea’ and some tips on how to enjoy a ‘Mindful cuppa’.

How to make your cuppa mindfully

By adopting some of the principles of mindfulness, tea drinking can become a helpful way to develop and practice mindful awareness and lead to a greater sense of wellbeing and presence of mind. Think of it as Slow Tea. Many of us multi-task while we make our tea, checking phones, to-do lists and all the other distractions and thoughts that whirl around our heads. Why not open all the senses fully to appreciate every aspect of this modern-day ritual when you next make yourself a cuppa? What would that look like?

  1. Let your attention rest on your breath. Use this moment as an opportunity to allow yourself time and space to slow down, to breathe and let yourself settle in to the five senses: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting, without multi-tasking. When other thoughts pop up, as they inevitably will, you can gently steer your attention back to the breath and to the five senses.
  1. Fill the kettle and wait for it to boil, noticing the orchestra of shifting sounds that arise.
  2. Pour out the water into the cup. Watch the way water meets tea, the dispersion patterns, aromas and colour changes. Keep breathing.
  3. As you bring cup to mouth, notice the feeling of the steam on your face, the rainbow of aromas that meet your nostrils.
  4. Sip slowly and savour the flavours as the liquid moves around your tongue, the lingering aftertastes, the sensations as you swallow, what you are left with.
  5. Allow time between sips; time to breathe, to settle.
  6. After your Slow Tea, clear up carefully, and returning to your daily activities, take the feelings of warmth and serenity with you. After all, serenity is the joyful appreciation of life.
Mindful tea in a pot

How to have a mindful cup of tea

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