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A day in the life of Dragonfly Tea

11 May, 2020


Everyday is different but we’ve come up with our ideal day in tea, and how we like to #presspause. Here are some of our suggestions to get you through in style! 


Breakfast cup

Start the day right. Before you listen, watch or read the news, get up and make a cup of tea. And stretch. It’s a great idea to get the body moving and breath flowing before you engage with all the troubles of the day.

If you’re looking for a strong cup then go for a caffeinated tea such as Traditional English Breakfast, or if you want something a little lighter then Pure Green Mountain would be a good one (top tea tip: for green teas, make sure you let the water cool for a minute or two before brewing, or else it will go bitter!). These two should give enough pep to get you onto your yoga mat, or to your desk, or out the front door, but not so much that you’re totally wired.

If you are avoiding caffeine entirely then our Breakfast rooibos makes a good strong cup of tea without the caffeine. You can drink it with milk or plant milks if you like, or just as it is. Similarly, we blended our English Breakfast so that it is delicious without milk – which of course is how we drink it!


Pausing for tea is a great way to break up the day, especially if you are working from home. Try to keep to the same times every day which is easier – there’s nothing like a routine to help keep things in balance! Some of our mid-morning favourites are Eastern Beauty Oolong or Genmaicha and Matcha – both are from our biodegradable large leaf pyramid collection. They’re both quite light although caffeinated and have very satisfying flavours.

The Oolong is somewhere between a green and a black tea – it’s semi oxidised and beautifully smooth with soft caramel notes. Genmaicha and Matcha is Japanese toasted rice with green tea and matcha – it’s full of antioxidants and has a wonderful toasted and nutty flavour which is really satisfying.

Both of these are high quality large leaf teas so they feel like something special. This way you turn something mundane into something you concentrate on a little more, noticing the aroma, the flavours, the after-taste. We call this slow tea. Taking time, making the most of what’s in your cup.

After lunch cup

Our Mint Garden Digestif is perfect after a meal. It refreshes the palate after stronger foods and contains peppermint, fennel amongst other herbs, which can all help get the digestive system working. Another option is our new Inner Aloe Harmony – also great for digestion as all the ingredients are naturally alkaline, helping to neutralise and calm the system after acidic food.

This is always a great chance to press pause on the day and all the goings on of a hectic morning. Maybe try to stop scrolling and put the phone down, listen to some music instead, or maybe even enjoy a little silence.

To maximise this opportunity, perhaps you can concentrate on softening your breath, and put to one side all the thoughts that inevitably roll around our heads – there’s the rest of the afternoon for all of that! This is a special time to reconnect, so enjoy the peace. When you’ve finished your cup and you feel rested and ready, we say ‘wiggle your toes’ - wake up and get moving again!

That mid-afternoon slump

In the afternoon it’s usually a good idea to avoid caffeine as it can have a detrimental effect on sleep. However, the afternoon is often where we most often experience a slump in energy, exactly when many of us would like to turn to caffeine whether in tea, coffee or chocolate.

Instead, how about trying a turmeric based tea. This super ingredient is said to help with inflammation and anti-histamine response and you can find it in our Golden Balance Turmeric, as well as in one of our newest herbal teas, True Clarity Ginger. Both of these teas have a mild spice which can be invigorating with enough flavour to help resist those urges for unhealthy snacks!

Sometimes the day just doesn't go to plan at all. At these times a reward can make all the difference! Our Jasmine Pearls are the perfect pick-me-up. Its extraordinary fragrance and sweet floral notes will transport you far away from the problems at hand. In this way, it’s easier to take a proper time out and let the mind wander, away from work or chores or issues, and towards what’s in the cup and all the sensations that come with it. It does have some caffeine though as it is a scented green tea – so it is for moments of extremis!


6pm is drink time

Around this time many people want something to help relax after a busy day. This could be wine-o-clock time, but actually a cup of tea can do a lot more for your positive energy levels and there is no hangover! Our new Happy Times Tulsi is excellent for this – naturally caffeine free and containing Holy Basil (tulsi) which has long been used to help with mood and wellbeing. Alternatively, our Cape Rooibos & Honeybush is naturally sweet and has a wonderful calming effect that has been used by generations of South Africans to help relax.

Winding down for sweet dreams

You’ve had your evening meal and now it is time to wind down for bed. So, what will you drink? Something caffeine free, with a little sweetness and some calming herbs? Coming up. Our Night Sky Calm is our idea of the perfect bedtime blend and many people swear that it works! Either way, it’s delicious and another great routine to establish for the end of the day.

Put away your phone or screen, and try reading a book or doing a puzzle, listening to music. This is your time. Pay attention to your breath, to what's in your cup, maybe stretch again; think about what went well during the day or things that you are glad for in your life, a technique known to help improve your sense of wellbeing and give a more balanced outlook. This is not the time to be worrying about your to do list. If something is bothering you, try writing it down. And try to finish on a positive note. This will be the first thing your brain processes from the day, so make it a good one!

And that is our ideal day in tea. It doesn't happen everyday, but we think it would be a pretty good day! Let us know if you've any ideas and tomorrow maybe try to find a little time to #presspause, in whatever way works for you.


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