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Bai Mudan White Tea 15 Large Leaf Tea Pyramids

This authentic white tea of exceptional quality, from the misty peaks of China’s Fujian Provi...

Breakfast Rooibos Tea
Breakfast Rooibos Tea 40 Organic Redbush Teabags

NOW ORGANIC & IN BIODEGRADABLE TEABAGS Rooibos (or Redbush) is a full-flavoured, naturall...

Cape Malay Chai Rooibos Organic Rooibos Tea

Inspired by Cape Town's 300 year culinary traditions, this naturally caffeine free spiced tea...

Cape Rooibos & Honeybush Organic Honeybush and Rooibos tea

Both Rooibos (also known as redbush) and Honeybush are found only in South Africa's magnifice...

Citrus Green Organic Green Tea

Alive with the aromatic citrus notes of lemon myrtle and lemongrass, this perfectly balanced ...

Classic Earl Grey Organic Black Tea

Our Earl Grey delicately balances the refreshing citrus notes of finest Bergamot with smooth ...

Dragonfly Glass Mug
Dragonfly Glass Mug

Enjoy your favourite tea in our new signature glass mug.  Beautiful design combines the class...

Dragonfly Tea Bamboo Box
Dragonfly Tea Bamboo Box

Display your tea envelopes in this smart bamboo box with moveable internal dividers. Perfect ...

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Earl Grey Rooibos Tea
Earl Grey Rooibos Tea 40x Organic Redbush Tea

NOW ORGANIC & IN BIODEGRADABLE TEABAGS We only use the finest oil of Bergamot to give our...

Earl Grey Tea 15 Large Leaf Tea Pyramids

In 1830 British Prime Minister Charles Grey received a diplomatic gift from China: a chest of...

Eastern Beauty Oolong Tea 15 Large Leaf Tea Pyramids

Eastern Beauty, or ‘Oriental Beauty’, is one of the most exclusive Formosa Oolong teas. Made ...

Eleven O'Clock Original Rooibosch

Eleven O'Clock is the sister brand of Dragonfly Tea. It is the most renowned South African ro...

A drink treasured by emperors, holy men, and the unsung heroes of everyday life. But what is it really?
The story of tea is older than our memories, and its adventures have shaped the course of history.
From white tea to black tea, a short introduction to the many different types of tea.
We are often asked about the perfect cup. Here are a few pointers for something really special.