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Swirling Mist Julep
Tea cocktail - Swirling Mist Julep

The quintessential American summer cocktail, the Mint Julep combines Bourbon, sugar, mint, and plenty of crushed ice. We've added a layer of sophistication with our winning Swirling Mist tea to create a refined summer drink for long, hot summers on either side of the Atlantic.


Brew the Swirling Mist tea bag in 90ml boiled water for approx. 3 minutes. Remove the bag then let the tea cool at room temperature before placing in the fridge to chill (where it will keep for up to 24 hours).

In a chilled julep tumbler or rocks glass, muddle (crush) a few mint leaves with the sugar. Add the Bourbon and tea and a little crushed ice. Stir well. Top up with more ice, garnish with a few mint sprigs and serve.

Recipe created for Dragonfly Tea by food blogger Valerie Vago-Laurer of Nettle & Quince. Follow Valerie on twitter as @nettleandquince.
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