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Dragonfly’s Organic Teas

09 Jan, 2018

As a small family business, at Dragonfly we care deeply about the provenance, production and quality of our organic teas and we travel the globe to source the finest tea leaves. In fact, we only make tea that we want to drink, and personally taste every batch to ensure that we only offer the best possible blends. 


Dragonfly's organic teas


Having been growing and making tea for over 100 years, our suppliers are very important to us and we have built long-standing relationships with growers and master tea makers alike. In China, these trusted people are known as 'tea friends' and they help us to ensure that we source only the highest quality leaves. As a result, our teas often come from remote and little known farms and tea gardens, and we use only the most sustainable and fairly traded harvests. 


sustainable teas


All of the teas in our Speciality Range have been certified organic by the Organic Food Federation. Our organic teas are made using all-natural ingredients grown in areas that are not treated with any man-made fertilisers or pesticides. We genuinely believe in organic standards to the extent that even teas in our other ranges, though not certified as organic, have ingredients grown in areas where pesticides and fertilisers are only used when absolutely necessary and usage is kept to an absolute minimum. 

Every new harvest of tea is sent to an independent laboratory for rigorous testing to determine that the purity levels of our teas exceed (rather than simply meet) a stringent set of international standards. Only then are we are happy to package the teas up ready to be enjoyed in kitchens around the country. 


Serving fairtrade teas


To make our teas, whether organic or non-organic, we never use artificial additives, preservatives or colourings and all of our teas are GM-free. We take every care to make sure our teas are both delicious and also environmentally friendly. Even the teabags in our Speciality range are sealed with a tag and string, making them fully biodegradable and compostable.

The 14 organic teas in our Speciality range include much loved classics such as English Breakfast and Earl Grey, refreshing green teas including Moonlight Jasmine and naturally caffeine free herbal and rooibos teas. Our Organic tea range ensures we have a cup to suit all tastes, whatever the occasion.

Dargonfly organic teas


You can find many of our organic teas in Waitrose, Ocado and independent health food shops. You can also buy the full range directly from our website.

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