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What is Earl Grey Rooibos?

15 Nov, 2018

Our Dragonfly Earl Grey Rooibos is one of our most loved teas. Here's a little more about this gentle and caffeine free alternative that combines the best of both worlds. 


earl grey rooibos

What is so Earl Grey about our rooibos?

The distinctive taste of traditional Earl Grey comes from bergamot, a citrus fruit grown all over the Mediterranean. To make our Earl Grey rooibos we've simply added natural oil of bergamot to finest grade rooibos tea, combining the best of both worlds and creating a great tasting alternative!


What does Dragonfly's Earl Grey Rooibos taste like? 

Rooibos (redbush) tea is incredibly smooth with a slight natural sweetness and subtle nutty taste. Unlike black tea, rooibos has very low levels of tannins and therefore contains absolutely no bitterness. The addition of oil of bergamot (which sits halfway between an orange and a lemon) brings refreshing and fragrantly citrus notes that are suitable for any time of the day.


Does Earl Grey Rooibos contain caffeine? 

Absolutely not! Rooibos tea comes from a different plant to traditional black and green teas and has no caffeine in its make-up. Therefore unlike 'decaffeinated teas', rooibos leaves do not undergo any chemical processing to strip away caffeine. This makes rooibos an ideal choice for all ages to enjoy in the evenings before bed or throughout the day, especially if you are looking to reduce your caffeine intake. 


How should you drink our Earl Grey Rooibos? 

We recommend infusing the tea bags in boiling water and leaving to brew for around 2-4 mins or according to taste. 

As rooibos is so gentle this tea can be enjoyed on its own or with a drop of milk, or like with traditional Earl Grey, with a slice of lemon to bring out the citrus notes. 

Our Earl Grey Rooibos also makes a fabulous iced tea. Simply brew the tea, leave to cool and pour over ice for a refreshing and hydrating drink which will not go bitter and can be kept for days in the fridge. 


gentle earl grey rooibos

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