• Delicious artisan teas from around the world
  • Delicious artisan teas from around the world
  • Delicious artisan teas from around the world

Heart-warming traditional British brews

This month, discover the Dragonfly black tea collection

Our full-bodied English Breakfast tea will kick-start your day, while our delicate Darjeeling, known as the ‘champagne of teas’, has delicious overtones of fruit and honey. A tea-time favourite, our refreshing Earl Grey is beautifully scented with natural oil of Bergamot.

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Traditional English
Organic Breakfast Tea
Golden Himalaya
Organic Darjeeling Tea
Classic Earl Grey
Organic Black Tea

Indian Spice Chai Tea Loaf

A Dragonfly take on a traditional tea cake – we’ve steeped the fruit in our Indian Spice Chai for a fuller, spiced flavour. This is quite bread like in taste so it works best thickly sliced and spread with g...
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It’s the best tasting green tea I’ve found!

– A H, Wiltshire, UK

I absolutely love your Moroccan Mint tea. The green tea isn’t overpowering and the top notes of mint complement the blend perfectly.

– L K, UK

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your green teas. I’ve replaced all other brands in preference to yours – at home and in the office.

– K S, Harrogate

Your Cape Malay Chai has become my favourite tea! Congratulations. Delicious.

– P M, Australia

I discovered your Earl Grey Rooibos in Waitrose while looking for something with less caffeine. It’s truly delicious so thank you!

– E O, UK

Your Earl Grey Rooibos is awesomeness in a mug. Kudos to you!

– N A, Isle of Man