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Silver Needle White Leaf Tea

This rarest and finest of white teas comes from China’s mountainous Fujian Province. Legendary since the eleventh century for its subtle complexity, it was so prized that it became a ‘Tribute Tea’ reserved for the Emperor’s sole enjoyment. Grown at high altitude in the misty peaks, Silver Needle is made from the Dai Bai (Great White) tea bush and gathered once a year in early spring. The tender young buds, covered with a characteristic fine white down, are then lightly and skillfully cured using age-old techniques. This creates an exquisitely delicate tea, with a slight dewy sweetness and mellow toasted notes.

For a perfect cup: Allow freshly boiled water to cool for 4 minutes (80C). Heat teapot and measure 2-3g (roughly a pinch) of tea per person. Infuse for 3–5 minutes. To enjoy added nuances, reinfuse the leaves up to 3 times.  

Loose leaf (37.5g)
Ingredients: White tea
Tea is foil-wrapped for freshness and comes in a beautiful Dragonfly tin

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Silver Needle White Leaf Tea - Dragonfly Tea

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