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Garden Mint and Verbena 50% off

Garden Mint and Verbana 50% off 15 Large Leaf Tea Pyramids

A refreshing caffeine free infusion of naturally cooling peppermint, rounded with a hint of softly aromatic lemon verbena (also known as ‘vervain’ or ‘verveine’). First found in England in the 18th century, fiery peppermint is a country garden classic, long enjoyed as a palate cleanser.

We’ve combined it with lemon verbena, an ancient herb revered around the Mediterranean since Roman times, to create a deliciously balanced infusion perfect after meals or throughout the day.

This pack of Garden Mint & Verbena has a short Best Before Date

To reduce our waste and do our bit for the environment we are offering 50% off the regular price. While the Best Before date acts as a standard guide for consumers, we can assure you that all of the short dated teas on offer are high quality and truly delicious. We will not send you any teas that are past their Best Before dates

15 large leaf tea pyramids (27g).

Tea pyramids made from biodegradable material - they contain no plastic and are staple free. Store in a cool dry place away from odours.

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Aromatic, refreshing and sweetly herbal, with a gentle citrus finish


Allow fresh, boiled water to cool a little. Infuse tea for 3-4 minutes


Peppermint, lemon verbena