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English Breakfast

In celebration of this champion of British tea culture, we have created a ‘breakfast blend’ of exceptional quality, selecting teas from some of the world’s finest estates. For over 150 years, tea-makers have sought to compose the perfect accompaniment to the traditional English breakfast. Bright and satisfying, our blend makes a full bodied cup with sweet malted undertones.

A classic to be enjoyed whatever the occasion, and so smooth it can even be taken without milk.

15 large leaf tea pyramids (37.5g).

Tea pyramids made from biodegradable material. Store in a cool dry place away from odours.

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English Breakfast Tea pyramid tea bags
Perfect Taste

Full-bodied, bright and satisfying, with hints of malty sweetness

Pure Perfection

Use fresh, boiled water and infuse tea for 3-4 minutes. Delicious with or without milk.

Perfect Ingredients

Black tea

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