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Spring Leaf Green Tea

Spring Leaf Green Tea

A pure, smooth and refreshingly easy-drinking 'Mao Feng' green tea, with all the delicate vibrancy and light floral aromas of a spring day. The pale, green-gold infusion has a lingering sweetness and no trace of bitterness. 

Grown in the high mountains of Eastern China, with peaks moving in and out of the clouds, this artisan tea is hand-picked once a year in the spring, when the young leaves and buds are at their most tender. 

15 large leaf tea pyramids (30g).

Tea pyramids made from biodegradable material - they contain no plastic and are staple free. Store in a cool dry place away from odours.

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Smooth and fresh, with hints of spring blossom and no trace of bitterness


Allow fresh, boiled water to cool a little. Infuse tea for 2-3 minutes. To enjoy added nuances, reinfuse up to 3 times


Green tea