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Cape Rooibos Organic Redbush Tea

Rooibos, also known as redbush tea, grows only in South Africa's magnificent Cape coastal mountains. Naturally caffeine free and low in tannin, rooibos is appreciated for its clear, full-bodied taste and deep amber colour. Ideal throughout the day or before bed.

The rooibos is still cured in the traditional way and requires great skill to harvest well — one sign that it is ripe for harvest is the wild honey bees that flock to the shrubs.

Read more about reducing your caffeine intake on our blog. 

20 individually sealed string & tag sachets (40g)

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Cape Rooibos Organic Redbush Tea
Perfect Taste

Smooth and full-bodied with a soft natural sweetness

Pure Perfection

Use freshly boiled water and infuse for 2-4mins. Enjoy with or without milk, or as an iced tea

Perfect Ingredients

Finest grade organically grown rooibos tea

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