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Black Pu'er Leaf Tea

Pu’er is a dark, intriguing tea made from large tea bush leaves indigenous to China’s Yunnan Province. Fascinating, complex, and traditionally prized for its reputed health benefits, it is quite different in taste, colour and aroma to all other teas. This is primarily because it is the only tea that undergoes true fermentation (as opposed to oxidisation), a secretive and carefully controlled aging process that can last several months or even years. Pu’er is famously known as the only tea that improves with age. Indeed, the aging process adds fascinating dimensions, giving the tea deep earthy flavours and a complexity akin to the very best whiskies.

For a perfect cup: Use freshly boiled water (95C). Preheat teapot and measure 2-3g (roughly a pinch) of tea per person. Infuse for 3–4 minutes. Best enjoyed on its own, without milk or sugar.

Loose leaf (37.5g)
Ingredients: Pu'er tea
Tea is foil-wrapped for freshness and comes in a beautiful Dragonfly tin

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Pu'er black tea

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