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Big Red Robe Oolong Leaf Tea

Big Red Robe or Da Hong Pao is one of China’s famous Oolong ‘Rock Teas’ from the Wuyishan Mountains. According to legend, the leaves from four particular tea bushes in these mountains cured the Emperor’s mother of an illness, during the Ming dynasty. In gratitude, the Emperor sent some beautiful red cloth to protect the bushes from the elements, and they have survived to this day.

Like other Oolong, the tender leaves are only partially withered before curling and baking. The tea is highly prized for its roasted cocoa notes, smooth rounded body and peachy floral finish.

For a perfect cup: Allow freshly boiled water to cool slightly (90C). Heat teapot and measure 2-3g (roughly a pinch) of tea per person. Infuse for 3–5 minutes. To enjoy added nuances, reinfuse the leaves up to 3 times.

Loose leaf (37.5g)
Ingredients: Oolong tea
Tea is foil-wrapped for freshness and comes in a beautiful Dragonfly tin

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Oolong loose leaf tea

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