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Our Values - OLD

Artisan Tea

We believe that the modern era of fast food and mass production has resulted in lower standards, to the detriment of both the land and the local inhabitants, and indeed to the quality of the final product. We care deeply about the purity and quality of our teas and are committed to traditional and sustainable methods of tea cultivation and processing. In promoting these values, we seek to preserve them for future generations. We actively support small-scale production and deal directly with farmers where we can. We never use artificial additives, preservatives or colourings and all our teas are GM-free. We are members of the Organic Food Federation and Rainforest Alliance, and support the Slow Food movement.

Making 'tea friends'

We make a point of knowing and respecting our tea suppliers. In China they call these relationships ‘tea friends’. These often decades old friendships with tea growers, master tea makers and established tea traders are based on trust, fairness and a mutual love of tea. We stay in close touch, travelling every year to visit them and see how the ever changing environment is affecting their lives and their trade. It is these unique relationships that give us access to little-known, small, and often remote locations which can offer the most desirable and sustainable harvests. What’s more, above and beyond any one certification, it is this first-hand knowledge and constant dialogue with our suppliers that lies at the heart of our efforts to maintain high levels of quality and transparency.

Attention to Detail

As a family owned and run business, the Dragonfly team’s attention to detail goes well beyond the sourcing. It is present in each step of the process, from tea leaf to tea bag. Every new blend is personally created and every new harvest is personally tasted. Every piece of packaging design is carefully conceived and all customer feedback is personally tended to. Most important, every cup of Dragonfly tea you drink strives to deliver an authentic and memorable taste experience, as well as produce an extraordinary mood of enjoyment, relaxation and attentiveness. This is what great tea has always been about, and while we may not always get it right, it is this tradition that Dragonfly seeks to foster and share.

Tea culture

For nearly 5,000 years tea has been a source of medicine, meditation, adventure, congregation, and creative expression – a drink treasured by emperors, poets, and holy men, as well as all the unsung heroes of everyday life. At Dragonfly, we seek to capture and celebrate all the romance, repose, ritual and natural wellbeing associated with the great tea traditions. In particular, we encourage people to think of tea not just as a convenience to be gulped down, but a drink to cherish and savour. In our frantic times, the traditional tea values of harmony, mindfulness and wellbeing are more relevant than ever. Read more about our passion for ‘slow tea’ here.

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