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Tea appreciation

It is said that once you have tasted a really fine cup of tea, you will never forget the taste and experience. On a recent trip to China, a tea master told us:
"Drinking tea makes you happy; it calms you down but makes you attentive, it's an aid to meditation and its good for your health".

And who are we to argue with a Master?

Tea appreciation
Tea traditions
At Dragonfly, we are excited about the recent revival of tea appreciation. We believe that the refreshing and sustaining properties of tea should be savoured. Enjoying a cup of tea should provide a brief pause from daily life that reinvigorates body, mind and soul.

The making of a truly extraordinary tea, like the making of a fine wine, requires great skill, intuition and knowledge. Factors such as terroir, time of harvest, leaf shape and processing methods all impact the quality of the final product. As with wine, tea is enjoyed for characteristics such as fragrance, body, colour and taste and the artisan tea maker uses traditional methods to bring out the best from the leaves.

When a quality tea is brewed you will enjoy a rich, fresh, complex fragrance. You might want to choose a glass cup so that you can see the varying translucent colours which appear - they are slightly different for every tea.

Now the taste …
Take a sip.
Hold the liquor in your mouth. Savour it. Roll it round your tongue.
Then swallow.
Enjoy, relax, refresh.

Dragonfly Tea cup
Sitting at night in a mountain pavilion,
Drawing spring water to boil tea,
As the water and fire battle it out,
the scent of the pine billows through the trees
As I pour a cup, bathed in Light from the clouds.
The profound pleasure of this moment is hard to
convey in words to those of common tastes.
Ming Dynasty

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