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Who We Are

Family heritage

At Dragonfly Tea, we are a family-owned, British company with a hundred year heritage of sourcing, growing and making the very purest and finest of teas. We travel the globe to find artisanal and often rare brews, some from remote gardens, and some from the most renowned tea makers. We are passionate about introducing tea lovers to new, quality tea experiences and were the first to put such favourites such as rooibos, white tea and honeybush on Britain’s high street.

Dragonfly Tea heritage
the dragonfly tea family

Bruce Ginsberg

Bruce Ginsberg is the founder of Dragonfly Tea and its sister brand Tick Tock Tea. An independent scholar of East Asian culture and landscape aesthetics, Bruce has become renowned for his experience and tea expertise. He spent time at a Zen monastery in Japan studying the ancient tea ceremony and farmed tea in South Africa for many years. Bruce’s grandfather, Benjamin Ginsberg, was the founder of rooibos tea -- he perfected the curing technique over a hundred years ago. Following in the family footsteps, Bruce introduced rooibos to British tea drinkers in 1976 and since then has launched a string of now much-loved teas to the market. Bruce has also successfully passed on his love affair with tea to his daughter, Georgia.


Madame Wanda

Wanda Scott is something of a legend in tea circles and we are proud to count her as part of the Dragonfly family. Known simply and somewhat reverentially as ‘Madame Wanda', she has been travelling through the remote parts of China and south-east Asia since 1978. Over this time, she has witnessed the gradual opening of China’s borders, forged close personal relationships with the best growers and suppliers, and become one of the world’s foremost green tea experts. The longest serving tea trader in her field, she has made it her mission to seek out the most exquisite teas from across the region. Her knowledge, understanding and devotion to the little green leaf is almost unrivalled.

Wanda Scott
Dragonfly tea the logo

Why Dragonfly?

The beautiful dragonfly is our muse. It inspires, dazzles and delights us. A symbol of purity, vitality and harmony throughout the world, the playful yet determined dragonfly mirrors our company ethos. Dragonflies love sunshine, warmth and clear, pure water. We believe the same elements are required for creating a truly fine cup of tea. To reflect this, each of our speciality and rooibos tea packets is adorned with a vibrant watercolour painting of a dragonfly in mid-flight. We hope you like the design as much as we do!   

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