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Luxury Leaf Bai Mudan White China Tea

Luxury Bai Mudan White Tea Loose Leaf White Tea

Also known as 'White Peony', this authentic and rare white tea of exceptional quality comes from China’s mountainous Fujian Province. Favoured by the Emperors of the Song Dynasty back in the 11th century, the delicate buds of the Da Bai tea bush are gathered and dried in the early spring. The leaves undergo minimal oxidising and can only be made according to a unique withering process. Exquisite and subtle, this tea has a beautifully mellow taste with a slightly nutty flavour. It is a particularly thirst-quenching drink and is popular in the hottest regions of China.

Loose leaf tea (50g)

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Exquisite and subtle, with a characteristic nutty flavour


Allow freshly boiled water to cool for 4-5mins. Preheat teapot and add 2-3g of tea per person. Infuse for 2-4mins


Bai Mudan white tea