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Discovery Teas

Our special discovery collection allows you to explore the world of fine tea from the comfort of your own home. We’ve scoured the globe...

Eastern Beauty Oolong Tea 15 Large Leaf Tea Pyramids

Eastern Beauty, or ‘Oriental Beauty’, is one of the most exclusive Formosa Oolong teas. Made ...

Skinny Dragon Pu'er Organic Pu'er Tea

In China, Pu’er tea has been prized for both its distinctive earthy taste and fabled health b...

Swirling Mist White Tea Organic White Tea

Named for the silvery down that covers the underside of the leaves, this authentic Bai Mudan ...

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Lapsang Souchong Luxury Loose Leaf Tea
Lapsang Souchong Black Tea Loose Leaf Black Tea

Renowned the world over for its distinctive character, this smoky black tea is said to have b...

Luxury Bai Mudan White Tea Loose Leaf White Tea

Also known as 'White Peony', this authentic and rare white tea of exceptional quality comes f...

A drink treasured by emperors, holy men, and the unsung heroes of everyday life. But what is it really?
The story of tea is older than our memories, and its adventures have shaped the course of history.
From white tea to black tea, a short introduction to the many different types of tea.
We are often asked about the perfect cup. Here are a few pointers for something really special.