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From everyday green and rooibos teas to the finest of loose leaf teas - we've something to...

Green Tea

Delicate and subtle with complex aromas and endless variety, we've sourced the very finest of green teas

White Tea

Celebrated for centuries for its silvery leaves and delicate taste: 'The culmination of all that is elegant'  

Oolong Tea

Full, smooth and fragrant Oolongs are revered throughout Asia, and sit somewhere between green and black...

Black Tea

We travel the globe to source the finest of black teas for our blends and taste every batch ourselves...

Puer Tea

Carefully aged and prized for its reputed health benefits, Pu'er is unique amongst teas

Rooibos & Honeybush

Gentle and naturally caffeine free, Rooibos and Honeybush are found only in the Cape coastal mountains of South...

Herbal Tea

Delicate and refreshing caffeine free herbal infusions using only the highest quality ingredients

Caffeine Free

These naturally caffeine free teas are soothing, gentle and great at any time of the day – even...

A drink treasured by emperors, holy men, and the unsung heroes of everyday life. But what is it really?
The story of tea is older than our memories, and its adventures have shaped the course of history.
From white tea to black tea, a short introduction to the many different types of tea.
We are often asked about the perfect cup. Here are a few pointers for something really special.