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Dragonfly's Top 5 Iced Tea Recipes

18 Aug, 2020

Our Top 5 Iced Tea Recipes

Cool off and chill out with some of our favourite ever iced tea recipes. Perfect for a summer’s day in the garden, or for evening drinks if you’re avoiding alcohol, these recipes are all relatively low in sugar and high in moreishness. We’ve also included some caffeine free rooibos tea recipes if you are avoiding caffeine. Simply stretch out on your deckchair and enjoy!

dragonfly tea iced tea


Some top tea-making tips before you start:

Try not to leave the tea to brew for too long as it’ll stew…. And not in a good way!

If you’re using green or white tea then let the kettle cool a little after boiling, before pouring on the tea. That way the leaves won’t get scalded and your tea won’t be bitter.

Experiment! There are so many variations using different types of tea and fruit and even herbs. You can also adjust the different proportions of ingredients, and most importantly adapt the sweetness if you have a sweet tooth.


1.  Peach Iced Tea

Like a holiday in a glass – the ultimate summer iced tea to keep you chilled and your spirits high.

3 peaches pitted and chopped

500 ml cold water

1 litre boiling water

2-3 tbsp honey or maple syrup

2 Dragonfly Organic Traditional English Breakfast teabags

Ice Cubes


Put the 500ml cold water, peaches and honey in a pan and bring to the boil. Simmer for about 15 minutes, until the skin starts to come off.

Meanwhile, add two Dragonfly Traditional English Breakfast teabags to 1 litre boiling water and leave to steep for 10 minutes. Remove the teabags and allow to cool.

Put a fine sieve over a bowl and pour the peach mixture in. Using a wooden spoon, mash down the peaches to a pulp, so that all the juices are extracted. You can use the pulp afterwards for smoothies.

Pour the tea into a jug and put in the fridge to cool. You can add more honey or maple syrup to taste.

Top up with the peach water and add lots of ice and serve! This can be made in advance and then kept in the fridge.

You can also try this recipe with Dragonfly Pure Green Mountain green tea or caffeine free Dragonfly Rooibos instead. For something stronger, try with a splash of white or spiced dark rum

Adapted from: Hungry Healthy Happy Peach Iced Tea


2.  Green Iced Tea with Carrot Juice

Delicious and healthy, this is a great way of getting all the benefits and great taste of green tea whilst contributing to your five a day!


1 teabag of Dragonfly Organic Pure Green Mountain (green tea) 

500ml freshly boiled water

2 carrots

2 apples

2 oranges – peeled


Add a Dragonfly Pure Green Mountain teabag to 500ml freshly boiled water that has cooled for a couple of minutes. Leave to brew for around 4 minutes before removing the teabag. Leave the tea to cool and then put in the fridge overnight.

Put the carrots, apples and oranges in the fridge overnight to chill

Pass the carrots, apples and oranges through a slow, or masticating juicer.

Mix the juice with the chilled tea - you want about a 50:50 ratio and enjoy immediately.

Adapted from: Healthy Cold Brewed Green Iced Tea With Carrot Juice


3.  Strawberry Iced Tea

Hello, is it healthy daiquiri time yet? If you’ve something to celebrate (anything!) this fresh and vibrant iced tea is just the ticket. The addition of basil makes it particularly special.


1 Dragonfly Organic Traditional English Breakfast teabag

800ml boiling water

1 tsp of honey / Agave / sugar

Lime juice





Using a heatproof jug, add 1 Dragonfly Traditional English Breakfast teabag to 800ml boiling water and brew for about 5-10 minutes.

Add one teaspoon of sugar, agave or maple syrup and give this a good stir, making sure it is dissolved into the tea. Remove the teabag, allow to cool and refrigerate for two hours or until chilled.

Add a couple of good squeezes of lime juice, more if you want it extra zesty, and give this another good a stir, then add some ice cubes to give this drink an extra chill.

Add a few washed strawberries to a blender and blitz until smooth, then pass the liquid through a sieve to get rid of seeds and any unwanted bits. Use more or fewer strawberries to taste.

Pour the strawberry puree into the jug of tea and give it a really good stir, Serve over ice with a small amount of basil. Basil works brilliantly with strawberry and the result is incredible and fragrant.

Adapted from: Hastes Kitchen Wimbledon Strawberry Iced Tea


4.  Iced Rooibos Raspberry Tea

The smooth sweetness of rooibos and tang of raspberries make the perfect caffeine free cooler. You can brew the rooibos as strong as you like because it will not go bitter - it will also keep well in the fridge if you make it in advance.


1 litre boiling water

4 Dragonfly Organic Rooibos Breakfast teabags

Honey or sugar to taste





Place 4 Dragonfly Organic Rooibos Breakfast teabags in a heatproof jug and fill with boiling water.

Allow to brew for 8-10 minutes and remove tea bags.

Add honey or sugar to taste, if desired.

Add raspberries and mint leaves and leave to cool.

Serve in a jug with lots of ice.

Adapted from: Iced Rooibos Tea With Raspberries & Mint


5. Earl Grey Rooibos Iced Tea

This is our very own rooibos recipe developed with the help of our friend Valerie from Nettle and Quince. To complement the citrus flavours of our Dragonfly Organic Earl Grey Rooibos, we add orange juice with a touch of honey, mint and a slice of orange, all stirred through and served over ice. Naturally caffeine free and super refreshing, this is great for all the family. Or maybe like us, you’ll just want to sip this under a shady tree with a good book in hand.

Dragonfly's Earl Grey Rooibos Iced Tea Recipe

dragonfly tea iced tea with oranges

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