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Tea of the Week: Earl Grey

December 01 2016

In celebration of Dragonfly's 15th birthday, we have created our beautiful new Tea House Collection of ten artisan teas. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be telling you a little more about each of these delicious teas, from old favourites to new discoveries.


The story goes that in 1830 the British Prime Minister Charles Grey (also known as the 2nd Earl of Grey) received a diplomatic gift from China: a chest of deliciously fragrant and exotic black tea. Enchanted, he asked his tea-makers to recreate this distinctive scented brew. Their version of the blend became known as Earl Grey tea, much loved throughout the world.


Traditionally, Earl Grey is made from black tea scented with oil of bergamot, a citrus fruit that flourishes all over the Mediterranean, which is also known as ‘Sicilian Orange’; the peel is cold pressed to extract the essential oils which define the classic Earl Grey aroma. We use entirely natural oil of Bergamot to ensure the freshest fragrance and cleanest taste.

To compliment the bergamot, we have spent a long time finding the perfect blend of black teas, choosing high quality teas from small tea gardens where the tea is still produced using traditional artisan methods. The harvested tea bush leaves are withered, rolled or bruised and allowed to fully oxidise and darken before being dried and sorted. The resulting blend is full bodied but light, comprising of a beautiful Darjeeling, a Ceylon tea and some Keemun, a traditional Chinese black tea and our nod to the original shipment sent to Earl Grey himself.


Our new Earl Grey tea is light and fragrant with the fresh citrus notes of real oil of bergamot, beautifully balanced by a vibrant black tea blend.

Infuse the pyramid tea bag for 2-4 minutes and enjoy with or without milk. Our new Earl Grey tea can also be used to create a refreshing iced tea.



Wow friends and family this Christmas with our delicious Earl Grey Gin Cocktail. It takes around a week to fully infuse the gin - but trust us, it’s well worth the wait!


  • 50ml Waitrose Premium Gin
  • 4 Earl Grey Tea pyramid teabags
  • 25ml Cooled Earl Grey Tea (use 2 teabags to make this)
  • 10ml Elderflower Cordial
  • 15ml Agave Syrup


To infuse the gin, add four Earl Grey tea bags to 1litre of gin (we recommend using Waitrose Premium Gin) and place the bottle somewhere warm to infuse for one week. Ideally the temperature should be just under 40 degrees as this process works best when the gin is gently heated, so underneath a radiator or inside a boiler cupboard is ideal!

Photo credit Food & Baker

Once the gin has infused, mix all of the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker and combine with ice. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass and serve with lemon wedges. Enjoy!

This recipe was created for Dragonfly Tea by Jack Homer of the Waitrose Cookery School