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26 Jul, 2019

Discounted Dragonfly Teas


Here at Dragonfly, we’re passionate about reducing our waste and doing as much as we can to take care of the environment. Every now and then we find ourselves with a few extra teas that are nearing their recommended 'Best Before' dates. Instead of popping them straight onto the compost heap, we would rather they were enjoyed! 

We've created a new Discounted Teas collection on the webshop, where you can find a selection that will be very near to their 'Before Before' dates. The date is a just a recommendation for enjoying a tea at its best, and even if that date has passed it does not mean that the tea is unsafe to drink. We only ever use carefully sourced premium leaves and you can be assured that all of the teas in our discounted collection taste truly delicious! 

Make sure you check out our Discounted Tea page to see which teas we have on offer. Whether from our Dragonfly's Luxury Loose Leaf tins, artisan Tea House Collection or our Organic range, these will be sold at 50% off the regular price. 

Although safe to drink, we will not send a tea out if the recommended Best Before date has expired. So drink up while stocks last!

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