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Chinese New Year Offer

10 Feb, 2016

Chinese new year dragonfly tea offer

This offer has now ended

China leaf teas offer

Our Limited Edition China Leaf Teas range includes a selection of specialist and rare teas from China: 

  • Dragon Well Green Tea – A freshly fragrant and smooth tea with subtle honeyed chestnut notes. This tea originates from the verdant hills around the ancient imperial city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province.
  • Black Pu’er Leaf Tea - A dark, intriguing tea made from large tea bush leaves indigenous to China’s Yunnan Province. Fascinating and complex this tea is traditionally prized for its reputed health benefits.
  • Golden Yunnan Black Tea - This exceptional artisan black tea hails from the fertile Yunnan Province in southwestern China. This tea is rich, malty and soft, with an underlying sweetness and a hint of spice. 
  • Orchid Tea – The floral tea is scented with the fragrant petals of the Yulan or 'Jade Orchid' (actually part of the magnolia family). The plant’s beautiful white blossoms are picked by hand and expertly layered on the tea leaves until the scent is absorbed.
  • Silver Needle White Tea- This rarest and finest of white teas comes from China’s mountainous Fujian Province.  An exquisitely delicate tea, with a slight dewy sweetness and mellow toasted notes.
  • Big Red Robe - One of China’s famous Oolong ‘Rock Teas’ from the Wuyishan Mountains. The tea is highly prized for its roasted cocoa notes, smooth rounded body and peachy floral finish.

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