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A little bit about Green Tea

February 17 2016

All about Green Tea

We are celebrating our brand new green tea collection, with a little more about the wonderful world of green tea. Our new range of teas are all available to purchase on our website and are currently on offer for just £1 per pack in selected Waitrose* stores and online.

Did you know that people have been drinking green tea for nearly 5000 years? From its very beginnings in China, to its more recently soaring popularity in the West, it has been appreciated for the extraordinary mood of enjoyment, relaxation and attentiveness it brings, not to mention its reputed health benefits and endless variety.

history of green tea

Many people are surprised to hear that green tea is made from the same plant as black tea, the Camellia Sinensis, a cousin of the flowering Camellia found in gardens around the world. The key difference is in the curing of the leaves. Unlike black teas, which are allowed to naturally oxidise and darken in colour after picking, green teas are prevented from going through this process by the application of heat, either in a pan or by roasting in a drum, or by steaming in the Japanese style. As the leaves are not oxidised, they retain their beautiful green colour, and are then rolled, curled and shaped, often by hand using age-old artisanal techniques. The resulting brew is therefore also lighter and more delicately fragrant.


how green tea grows

In recent years, availability and demand for green teas in the UK has boomed, as more adventurous drinkers swap out the traditional cuppa for more interesting choices. However there are those that believe green tea is bitter and only drink it because they think they ought to! More often than not, this is because they have only tried poor quality leaves (true of much green tea available here) that have been brewed for too long and at too high a temperature. However, we know that truly quality green teas correctly brewed are remarkable; fresh, smooth and delicately complex with a naturally fragrant sweetness. In fact, the world of fine tea shares much with the world of fine wine, and varies hugely depending on terroir, weather and the tea-making knowledge passed down the generations.

Here at Dragonfly, we have been producing exquisite green teas for the last 15 years, using our expertise to carefully craft selections to suite all tastes. Our newest green tea range offers premium grade China tea carefully sourced and skilfully blended to create three teas perfect for ‘everyday’ drinking and for a new generation of tea drinkers. We have spent over a year developing the teas, tasting many dozens of different versions along with way. In true Dragonfly spirit, instead of simply masking poor quality bitter teas with overpowering flavourings, we used premium quality green tea, carefully balanced and delicately infused as in the Chinese tea-making tradition.


Producing green tea

The new collection consists of three unique teas: Pure Green, Citrus Green and Berry Green. Our Pure Green Tea is fresh and smooth, easy to drink and with absolutely no bitterness. Citrus Green Tea is alive with the zestiness of lemon and bergamot oils, offering a satisfying and refreshing cup, whilst Berry Green Tea is full of the lush, natural sweetness and alluring aroma of late summer berries.

So if youre looking to add a healthy alternative to your daily routine, why not try one of our truly quality green teas for a gentle and uplifting experience.

Offer: Our new range of teas are all available to purchase on our website and are currently on offer for just £1 per pack in selected Waitrose* stores and online.


  • Offer available for a limited time only, between 17th February 2016 until 15th March 2016 in selected Waitrose stores and at www.waitrose.com.