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Brewed With a View – A Tasty Teaser!

May 18 2015
Dragonfly Tea book - Brewed with a View

We’re excited to share with you a taster of our special new ‘Brewed with a View’ book

A beautiful visual pairing of the world’s most sought-after teas with some of Britain’s most intriguing landscapes. Join us behind the scenes and find out about how to win your own copy of Brewed With a View, featuring some truly delicious teas.

Dragonfly Tea making Brewed with a View

When we decided to compile Brewed With a View, the aim was to give a new perspective to the somewhat forgotten ritual of drinking tea. It struck us that we often seem to be in a whirl these days, keeping up with the demands of our busy lives, completely forgetting to pause and take in the beauty that surrounds us. After all, tea - and the act of drinking tea - has been a source of meditation, adventure and congregation for some 5,000 years. Shared by emperors, warriors, poets and revolutionaries, tea has always been something to be savoured. We wanted to capture that spirit of mindfulness and appreciation - and special moments naturally deserve special teas.

Win a copy of Brewed With a View!

We encourage you to make your tea-drinking experience extra-special; and to share the results with us! We’ll be running a weekly competition across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, giving you a chance to win a copy of Brewed With a View, which not only includes large-format photographs of each of our carefully-selected locations, but also includes a sample of each tea, taking you on a journey into the world of Dragonfly Tea.

Enter each week by submitting your image and using the hashtag #dragonflyviews. We’ll select our favourite photos each week and announce our winners, each of whom will receive a limited edition copy of Brewed With a View.

Join us as we take you on a special journey to some of our favourite places, all inspired and accompanied by some truly wonderful, rare teas.

With that in mind, and with the help of the British Guild of Travel Writers, we identified some of the most spectacular views in Britain - mysterious places, places with soul and history; landscapes that spoke to us and in turn left us speechless. They are also places that have qualities particularly associated with Dragonfly’s limited edition collection of handmade teas from the finest tea gardens. In this way, every cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage.

So with this book, we’d like to inspire you to explore some of the special places that make up Great Britain. To take a look at something familiar through a fresh lens and experience it with all your senses. To drink in and savour the views that are in front of you.

Drinking tea with a view
Adventures with tea

‘This is an adventure!’ we told ourselves, narrowly avoiding stepping fully-clothed into the frigid waters of England’s deepest lake while carrying some very expensive camera equipment and a canary-yellow wingback chair. It was definitely not the sort of thing that ramblers in the area would normally be seen doing, and especially not on a weekday morning in January. Is there anything we won’t do for the perfect cup of tea?

There we were, out on the road with our photographer and the afore-mentioned wingback chair, hurtling between some of the country’s most spectacular - but naturally rather chilly - locations. Aside from the seasonal weather, there was a moody ambience to the countryside which made capturing ‘the moment’ for Brewed With a View even more interesting and rewarding. It may have been cold, but that certainly highlighted the comfort that a lovely hot cup of tea can provide!”