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Special edition Superskin™ Tea for Liz Earle!

September 10 2014
Superskin tea

We are excited to announce a fabulous new partnership with natural skincare experts Liz Earle.

Georgia gives the lowdown!

"I’m a great fan of Liz Earle’s naturally active products so I was particularly excited when the team there invited us to create a limited edition tea to celebrate the launch of their new Superskin™ Moisturiser.

So after several months of blending and tasting sessions, we are proud to announce our Luxury Leaf Superskin™ Tea!

Fresh, soothing and rejuvenating, this exclusive tea uses only the very finest ingredients, as you’d expect from any Dragonfly product. We have specially selected the ingredients to reflect some of the same high-performance components of Liz Earle’s new Superskin™ Moisturiser and we think the result is a truly delicate tea with a soft, natural sweetness. The feedback we’ve received so far is resoundingly positive!"

This leaf tea expertly blends …

Sachets of Superskin Tea
  • Premium-grade rooibos tea from South Africa’s pristine Cedarberg Mountains. Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free and is enjoyed around the world for its unique taste, purity and natural goodness.
  • Delicate and fresh white tea from the mountains of Fujian Province, China. In Chinese tea culture, White tea is also traditionally appreciated for its rejuvenating properties.
  • The rooibos and white tea blend is balanced with extracts of real pomegranate, cranberry, apple and rosehip – the same ingredients found in Liz Earle’s new Superskin™ Moisturiser
Want to try our special blend?

The tea isn’t commercially available yet but head to Liz Earle shops or counters in Boots & John Lewis stores during September and October for a sample. Or visit the Dragonfly and Liz Earle Facebook pages and keep a beady eye out for competitions to win the tea!

Georgia GinsbergGeorgia Ginsberg