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15 Facts about Dragonfly tea!

20 Dec, 2016

15 years of Dragonfly Tea


In celebration of Dragonfly's 15th Birthday, we've put together 15 reasons that make Dragonfly such a special British tea company.



1: Best of British

Dragonfly is a family-owned, British company rooted in generations of tea craftsmanship.
Based in a lovely old barn in the Hampshire countryside, we have been pouring our expertise into our fine artisan teas since 2001.

Everyday teas

2: A Deep Passion

Dragonfly Tea was founded by Bruce Ginsberg, a passionate tea drinker and renowned expert on all things to do with the little green leaf. A fourth generation tea maker, Bruce is also an independent scholar of East Asian culture and landscape aesthetics, having spent time in Japan studying the ancient tea ceremony, as well as farming tea in South Africa for many years.

Bruce Ginsberg

3: Family of Pioneers

Bruce’s grandfather, Benjamin Ginsberg, founded rooibos tea over a hundred years ago. Following in the family footsteps, Bruce introduced rooibos to British tea drinkers in 1976.
His iconic Tick Tock brand has become Britain’s favourite rooibos, and with Dragonfly, he has launched a string of now much-loved green, white and spiced speciality teas to the market.

The Ginsbergs

4: Next generation

Bruce’s daughter Georgia is now the fifth generation to share this love for tea. The new Tea House Collection – 10 expertly sourced large leaf artisan teas packed in pyramid sachets – reflects her passion, expertise and commitment to introducing authentic, delicious and often rare teas to tea lovers and tea explorers alike.

Ginsberg tea family

5: Champions of the Little Green leaf

When Dragonfly was created 15 years ago, quality green tea was hardly to be found on shop shelves in Britain. Bruce sought to change that by tirelessly championing the virtues of green tea up and down the country, he helped start the green tea revolution that is currently invigorating British tea drinking.

Tea growing

6: Tea Friends

At Dragonfly we make a point of knowing, trusting and respecting our tea suppliers. In China they call these relationships ‘tea friends’. These often decades old friendships with tea growers and master tea makers allow us to access little-known, small, and often remote locations which can offer the most desirable and sustainable harvests.

Making tea friends

7: Around the World

From the peaks of China’s Fujian Province to the celebrated tea estates of Darjeeling and East Africa, we personally travel the globe to find rare and interesting teas, bringing you the most delicious artisan brews. Our quest for quality, as well as our personal interest in tea culture, takes us to every corner of the world.

Tea fields

8: Curiosity and Exploration

Availability and demand for speciality teas of all sorts in British supermarkets has boomed in recent years, as younger, more adventurous drinkers swap out the traditional cuppa for healthier, more exciting options. We are passionate about introducing tea lovers and tea novices to new, quality tea experiences by launching rare and special teas. We were the first to put white tea, chai tea and Honeybush teas on the market many years ago, and with the Tea House Collection, we will continue to put more ‘firsts’ on British shelves.

New Tea House Collection

9: Tea Culture

For nearly 5,000 years tea has been a source of medicine, meditation, adventure, congregation, and creative expression – a drink treasured by emperors, poets, and holy men, as well as all the unsung heroes of everyday life. Dragonfly celebrates this rich tea culture, not only by telling its stories, but also by bringing it to life in new ways. For example, the annual Dragonfly Short Story Competition encourages budding writers to pop the kettle on and let their imagination take flight, and our multi-sensory guidebook, ‘Brewed with a View’, matches tastes and tales of fine tea leaves with exceptional British views.

Tea collections

10: Take me there

Every cup of Dragonfly tea you drink strives to deliver an authentic and memorable taste experience, as well as produce an extraordinary mood of enjoyment, relaxation and attentiveness. This is what great tea has always been about, and it is this tradition that we seek to foster and share.

Green and white teas

11: Attention to Detail

As a family owned and run business, our team’s attention to detail goes well beyond the sourcing. It is present in each step of the process, from tea leaf to tea bag. Every new blend is personally created and every new batch is personally tasted; every piece of packaging design is carefully reviewed and all customer feedback is personally tended to.

Dragonfly tea bag tag

12: The Ethos

A symbol of purity, vitality and harmony throughout the world, the playful yet determined
dragonfly mirrors the company ethos. Dragonflies love sunshine, lush gardens, warmth and clear, pure water. Dragonfly believe the same elements are required for creating a truly fine cup of tea, and celebrate them with every pack.

Dragonfly tea watermark

13: Close to Nature

We believe that the modern era of fast food and mass production has been to the detriment of both the land and the local inhabitants, and indeed to the quality of the final product. We care deeply about the purity and quality of our teas so are committed to traditional and sustainable methods of tea cultivation and processing - and we seek to preserve them for future generations. At Dragonfly Tea, we never use artificial additives, preservatives or colourings, chlorine-bleached or nylon teabags, or GM crops.

Green tea leaves in baskets

14: Slow Tea

We believe in ‘slow tea’, encouraging people to think of tea not just as a convenience to be gulped down, but a drink to cherish and savour. In our frantic times, the traditional tea values of harmony, mindfulness and wellbeing are more relevant than ever – the new Tea House Collection champions this slow tea philosophy.

Tea pot

15: Something for everyone

From our everyday green tea and rooibos teas, to our luxury Leaf Teas of Distinction; from our signature organic speciality range to our new large leaf Tea House Collection, Dragonfly has a true and delicious tea to offer for everyone and every occasion

Dragonfly tea range of teas

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