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Afternoon tea pairing guide

March 20 2014

The perfect teas to accompany afternoon tea.

Particular teas work well with particular tea-time treats so if you’re baking for a special occasion then why not experiment with the type of teas you offer?

Afternoon tea guide

Our Swirling Mist white tea and Bai Mudan white tea white teas work well with chocolate based recipes such as brownies, cakes and cookies. Choose darker chocolate varieties (minimum 70% cocoa solids) for an even more delicious combination.

Jasmine works perfectly with foods with a higher fat content. So try our Moonlight Jasmine tea and Jasmine Dragon Pearls teas with flapjacks, Danish pastries and other pastry based recipes.

If you’re baking scones or serving savoury sandwiches then go for our Darjeeling Black Tea, Classic Earl Grey or Traditional English Breakfast Tea. Or for caffeine free options try Breakfast Rooibos Tea or Earl Grey Rooibos Tea.

Our refreshing Moroccan Mint Tea works perfectly with recipes incorporating honey and pistachios.

Banana bread, carrot cake and Dundee cake work particularly well when paired with our Indian Spice Chai Tea and Cape Malay Organic Spiced Rooibos Tea. In fact any fruit based cakes and treats will work well with these teas because they enhance their luxurious spice notes.

And to round off your afternoon tea extravaganza we recommend Skinny Dragon Organic Pu'er Tea which has been prized in China for over a thousand year as an aid to digestion.